The AIS.SC UMinho (Association for Information Systems Student Chapter of the University of Minho) is the group of students that represents the programs promoted by the Department of Information Systems of the School of Engineering of the University of Minho. Naturally, students on the MEGSI Program join AIS.SC UMinho.

The goals of the AIS.SC UMinho association include promoting the active participation of students in activities and discussions related to Information Systems and Technology (IST), as well as representing and defending their academic and professional interests.

In addition to being a point of student representation, AIS.SC UMinho actively promotes the civic, cultural and scientific training of students. It seeks to create a robust network of academic and professional contacts in the area of IST, collaborating with both national and international institutions that share the association's principles.

As an integral part of the TSI@UMinho universe, AIS.SC UMinho supports students from undergraduate to doctoral degrees, providing opportunities aimed at developing the technical and interpersonal skills necessary for the work, such as:

The AIS.SC UMinho is a strategic partner of the MEGSI Program, contributing to preparing students for their future, so that they are well equipped to face the challenges and dynamics of the IST sector.



TSI2Market is an event that aims to strengthen ties between IST students at the University of Minho and the world of professional practice.

Through TSI2Market, AIS.SC UMinho seeks to create enriching experiences that promote direct interaction between students and professionals in the field, sharing knowledge and fostering an environment conducive to academic and professional development.

Annually, TSI2Market is one of the largest events promoted by students at the Campus of Azurém of University of Minho, attracting around 500 participants and counting on the presence of several dozen companies in the area.

The main objective of TSI2Market is to empower the TSI@UMinho universe for the future, connecting students to the job market. By involving the best companies in the IST area, TSI2Market provides a high-quality experience for participants, achieved through lectures, workshops, job fairs, speed interviews, solving case studies, among other activities.

Students' participation in TSI2Market provides them with an opportunity to stand out and prepare for a successful career in the IST field.

View of the Job Fair

Speed Interviews with Employers