I recognize in MEGSI a diversity of content that may be of interest to a wide range of people. Since Information Systems and Technologies are such a current and important topic, the curricular units that make up the Program promote the learning of tools necessary for entering the job market.

The method of executing group projects is a positive aspect that I highlight, as it improves each person's individual skills in teamwork and communication with others, skills that I consider very relevant.

After these years and although still halfway through my Master's degree, I made the right decision when, in 2020, I decided to enroll in Engineering and Management of Information Systems (Bachelor's and Master's). I am confident in the opportunities that the future will bring me, consequences of this option.

Joana Pereira, MEGSI-SIOS Student

MEGSI is a very enriching and comprehensive academic experience. Although I am still in the first year of the Program, I already feel prepared for the challenges of the job market and I also feel capable of dealing with the constant evolution of Information Technologies.

The academic demands of the Course are one of its strengths — the fact that it challenges us so much motivates us to improve ourselves with each passing semester.

This Program offers a diverse range of curricular units, combined with a theoretical basis and a realistic practical aspect, which I consider to be fundamental to face professional challenges.

The teachers I had the privilege of meeting reflected this commitment to preparing professionals capable of working in an increasingly global and competitive job market.

Beatriz Morais, MEGSI-ESI Student


The Program is quite complete and, above all, prepares us for the job market. Although I do not considered it a highly difficult Program, it requires a lot of work and dedication outside classes, as it contains a high number of group projects. It is in these groups that, in addition to the development of hard skills, the soft skills necessary for the job market are also developed. It is a Program based on two main aspects, technology and management, which allows students to understand organizations and their needs in terms of Information Systems and Technologies. I feel quite satisfied with my training, I think that throughout my academic career I developed the necessary skills to enter the job market.

Nuno Silva

This Program was, from the outset, my first option when I entered higher education, due to the combination of two areas in particular: technology and business management. However, the Program revealed itself to be much more than technology and business management and certain curricular units began to define my academic path, and perhaps professional, when I came across the possibility of applying technology using enormous amounts of data available on the internet for the benefit of organizations.

On the other hand, another key point of the Program is that most curricular units require group work, which allows students, in addition to acquiring technical knowledge, to work on the soft-skills that are so much talked about nowadays.

This Program gave me the career I wanted!

Carina Andrade

This Program and University of Minho provided me with great academic, professional, social and human enrichment during my training.

The teachers I interacted with reflected the ambition of training and preparing valuable professionals for a global and competitive job market.

The scientific and pedagogical program allowed me to develop professional skills in the most diverse areas of Information Systems and Technologies that I have applied as a consultant in application development projects, communications optimization (LAN), functional analysis of organizational processes, etc.

Luís Rodrigues

The programs in the TSI@UMinho universe allow you to acquire diverse knowledge in the area of Information Systems and Technologies.

The Program promotes not only the learning and training of excellent professionals in the area of Information Systems and Technologies but also the creation of soft-skills and the participation of students in management activities. In what concerns research, the Program creates fundamental bases for the creation of new scientific knowledge.

The close connection between the Program and the Student Chapter facilitates integration into the job market. TSI2Market is essential for creating a network of contacts within the largest companies in the area.

After graduation, I embarked on a scientific career, completed my PhD and I am currently a professor and researcher at University of Minho. During these years it was possible to verify that the knowledge learned has been fundamental for developing research and teaching activities.

It is a program for the present looking to the future!

Filipe Portela

The Program provided me with a unique experience and allowed me to develop technical and social skills that became a competitive advantage for my professional career. After 12 years, I often recall in my daily life remarkable moments of teachings and experiences shared on the Program that today help me succeed and successfully lead a team of 100 people. It is unequivocal for me that this Program enhanced my career, opened up opportunities in the market, and above all it is an excellent business card in our curriculum vitae.

Leandro Pereira


Since the days of the "Licenciatura" Degree in Management Informatics, F3M has clearly invested in young people coming out of this degree and, regardless of changes in terms of nomenclature and syllabus, it is clear to us that the investment in these students is something to continue. As I often say in public interventions, there are universities that immediately place a “mark” on their students and the University of Minho is one of them. In general terms, regardless of our sector of activity, we know that the “final UMinho product” is a quality “product”, depending on the history of the University, its teachers and the working conditions that are provided to students. In the case of MEGSI we know perfectly well what to count on, since the days of the late professor Altamiro Machado. Thus, we have found young people who reach the end of their master's degree with solid basic training and, more than that, with enormous versatility. We are fully aware that a MEGSI student is qualified to face the challenges that technological companies like ours, operating in a multipolar way, will pose to them.

We therefore have an effective degree of satisfaction with the students who leave this Program, a satisfaction that is based on our knowledge of the teaching staff. This is an essential question for us, as we know the teaching staff in concrete terms and we know the importance that these teachers give to interaction with the business world. Therefore, I believe that this joint path that we have taken will continue with the full satisfaction of the students we recruit and of F3M as a company that has grown (also) with these young people.

Pedro Fraga (CEO, F3M)

Optimizer has highly qualified professionals in its structure and we believe that successful growth and sustainability is based on recruiting people who believe in their potential, who have an excellent academic background and who are properly prepared to enter the real job market.

Having this premise, the University of Minho, together with its teachers, allows students to leverage both professionally and personally, providing and preparing students with the necessary skills to face adversities with good performance, to be key players in projects in which they participate, which allows them to grow personally and professionally and naturally ensures that Optimizer grows as an organization. For these reasons, Optimizer sees the University of Minho as a good place to strengthen its team.

Rui Lopes (Business Unit Manager, Optimizer)