The Master's in Engineering and Management of Information Systems (MEGSI) is a continuation master's degree of the Licenciatura Degree in Engineering and Management of Information Systems (LEGSI), meaning LEGSI graduates meet the conditions for admission to MEGSI.

MEGSI also admits holders of degrees in other first cycle programs in Information Technology, Information Systems, Informatics, Informatics Engineering, Computer Science and the like.

Furthermore, and taking into account the areas of knowledge mentioned above:

The MEGSI Program admits national candidates as well as international candidates.


Maximum: 160

Minimum: 12


To apply to the MEGSI Program submit an application via this link.

This information does not eliminate the need to consult the Academic Regulations of the University of Minho and other official documents.


Attendance at degree-awarding programs at the University of Minho is subject to the payment of tuition fees, the value of which is fixed annually.

Payment of tuition fees is made in accordance with the terms set out in an annually published Rector's order, and can be made via ATM (payment of services), MB WAY or Credit Card.

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